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Quality written communications – from a specialist UK copywriter, journalist and editor

Clear, colourful and persuasive writing

Effective writing can help you build a brand, promote your organisation, gain customers and win hearts and minds. The way to do this is deceptively simple:

  • Make your message clear – so people know what’s in it for them
  • Make it colourful, remarkable and memorable
  • Make it persuasive – by offering a fully-rounded argument that includes rational, emotional and credible reasons to use your services and buy your products.

If you need support with any form of written communications – from websites and sales letters to articles, white papers or case studies, I can help.

I have more than twenty-five years’ experience as a professional writer and more than fifteen as a freelance copywriter, editor and journalist. During that time I have worked for some of the biggest and best known companies in the world, as well a host of small firms, one-man consultancies and start-ups.

I’m used to dealing with complex subject matter. I can meet crazy deadlines. And I can interview your senior people, your best clients and your most important customers, get their insight and opinions and and turn it into a compelling part of your story.

The words you use in your written communications speak volumes about your services, your business, your attitudes to your customers. It’s a vital part of your marketing mix. I can help you get it right. Contact me today and we can get started.

Next steps

  1. Use the site to find out more about me and the services I provide. While you’re at it, take a look at my copywriting portfolio.
  2. Bookmark this site and you’ll know how to find me when you need a professional and experienced copywriter.
  3. Best of all, get in touch. Email is best, or phone. I use Skype when needed. If you have a tight deadline, a major project, or something vital to your business, don’t delay.