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Editing of all written communications

I can rework and edit your existing text and information so that it reads well, has a consistent tone of voice and contains the right levels of information. The editing process will remove jargon and internal perspective, and turn your existing text into effective copy quickly and cost-effectively.

Editor for newsletters, magazines, bids and more

I’m highly experienced at editing business magazines and newsletters, commissioning copy, coming up with ideas for articles and generally shaping the publication. If you need an editor who can take over the bulk of the work on a regular publication, then give me a call.

Experienced, trained freelance editor

I’m also skilled at editing long documents and giving them a consistent tone of voice, making them more readable and, if necessary, restructuring the information. This process can massively improve the effectiveness of reports and tender documents. I can also produce tightly written executive summaries of long documents designed to connect with high-level decision makers.

I’m sometimes available to work in house on select projects, depending on the location. If you need someone in the South West, including Devon, Somerset or Bristol, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.