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Tell your story – get your message heard

Effective writing can help you build a brand, promote your organisation, gain customers and win hearts and minds. The way to do this is deceptively simple:

  • Make your message clear – so people know what’s in it for them
  • Make it colourful, remarkable and memorable
  • Make it persuasive – by offering a fully-rounded argument that includes rational, emotional and credible reasons to use your services and buy your products.

I provide a full range of written communications services, including copywriting, journalism and editing. I can also provide consultancy to help you improve your  communications and training for your staff to help them rapidly develop their writing skills.

Clear copy – bright ideas

I work for businesses of all sizes – from start-ups, sole traders and family firms who need a website through to multi-national companies and household name brands who require a full range of marketing collateral.

I also work for a wide range of public sector organisations, especially in the environmental sector, and for councils, quangos and government departments.

In essence, I am a long-form marketing copywriter. That means I write long text (it’s all relative. In this field, that can mean more than 25 words at a time. I’m comfortable writing anything from 100 words to 10,000 or more. Some copywriters spend their whole careers writing 100 word radio scripts or one word brand names. That’s not me).

It also means I usually write marketing copy rather than pure advertising – think product sheets, case studies, letters, websites, white papers, articles, blog posts. It’s all marketing, as opposed to a press or TV advert.

My specialities include:

  • Websites – including search engine optimised text
  • Online content – such as blogs and articles
  • Brochures – I used to do lots of these, back in the day. They are still useful in some sectors.
  • Case studies – one of the best forms of marketing. Here my combined reporting and copywriting skills come to the fore. I can interview your clients and create a compelling story that provides important proof of the value your services deliver.
  • White papers and data sheets – these usually tackle complex subjects, but need to be clear, interesting and easy to understand even for a lay audience.
  • Staff and stakeholder communications – clarity is essential when communicating with your internal audiences.
  • Bid writing – I can improve the quality of your written materials and significantly improve your scoring – by helping ensure you answer the questions effectively.

Professional service – delivered by a grown up…

I also believe in delivering an exceptionally high quality of service:

  • I recognise that you’re buying a service first and foremost
  • You’ll be one of my key clients
  • You’ll deal directly with the copywriter doing the work
  • I’m building a business relationship for the long term.

If you want to know more, please get in touch