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An independent overview of your communications

Are your written communications consistent, on message and on brand?

Does your website present a clear message, or is it cluttered and confusing? Does it have clear calls to action? And does it really contain all the information you think it does? (Clue: no, it doesn’t).

Do you have a communications strategy for your website, your new products, or your new venture? Have you defined a tone of voice and worked out what the key messages should be?

Update and refine the strategy for your written communications

My marketing and copywriting expertise can help in a range of ways:

• I can review your website, brand or marketing materials to create a written report or give verbal feedback

• I can talk to you on the phone about your services and customers and the best ways to get your message across

• I can join your teams, adding an external viewpoint and a copywriter’s perspective to your meetings and workshops

• I can work alongside sales and marketing teams to refine messaging

• I can help you develop a tone of voice that reflects your brand values – and can be used across your online content, press releases, newsletters, social media, annual report and marketing materials.

If you are launching a new venture or rebranding an organisation, it’s vital to consider tone of voice and the overall strategy around messaging and the style of your written communications. To get started, simply get in touch.