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Articles, newsletters and online content

Written by a trained, experienced journalist

I trained as a newspaper reporter, but these days my journalism is focused on writing articles for businesses that want to communicate core messages using newsletters, online content and through the wider media.

As an experienced journalist, I’m skilled at researching information, ordering it, structuring it and using it to tell an engaging and convincing story.

There’s also a strong cross-over of skills between journalism and copywriting. My interviewing skills enable me to gather the views of clients, customers, senior management, the sales channel – just about anyone – and collate this into targeted marketing material or highly informative communications.

The skills of a journalist are also ideal for creating online content, as well as both customer-facing and internal newsletters.

 Writing that reflects well on your senior people

Getting a trained journalist to write your articles can improve the quality of your written communications, and save enormous amounts of time for your most senior people.

  • I’m comfortable interviewing chief executives, product managers, IT directors, marketing managers, clients and customers.
  • In one quick phone call, they can tell me their story, and I turn the raw information into a compelling article, white paper or report.
  • It makes it easier to schedule into their diaries, and helps to ensure the project gets completed on time.

I don’t do spam

I don’t attempt to compete with the creators of ‘online content’ who offer to produce articles for $3 or $10 or any comparable sums. If you want hundreds of articles, regardless of the quality because you hope it will boost your search engine rankings then I’m not the writer you’re looking for.

If you do use those kinds of services, check the quality regularly. Remember, those articles have your name attached to them, and – one way or the other – your written communications say a lot about your brand.