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How much does copywriting cost?

Transparent pricing delivers clear value

Predictable costing is important in business. As is good value. That’s why I provide a fixed cost up-front that covers all the copywriting work including amends.

This fixed cost will not be exceeded unless there is a significant re-brief or extra work is added. If that happens, I’ll discuss it with you  in advance and agree any additional costs before proceeding.

To provide the fixed cost I  need a good idea of how much work will be involved, and how long it will take. So I need to know:

  • What are we writing? Is it a website, a brochure, a sales email, or a case study?
  • If it is a website, roughly how many pages is it likely to need? Ten? A hundred? A thousand?
  • Will there be a need to meet in person or for me to travel to your premises? (Hint: this puts the cost up significantly, and is easy to avoid).
  • How will you provide the raw information? Will I need to interview someone? Or is there existing written material to work from?

My costs are based on a day rate of £400, which is highly competitive compared to other solo senior copywriters – and much lower than going to non-specialists like PR companies or marketing agencies (thanks to my minimal overheads). Those agencies will probably charge much, much more – and they may well appoint someone without much experience to do the work. All your money goes on their markup, to pay for their fancy office.