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Training in how to write well

Improve the written communications skills of your staff

These days you can’t use a copywriter for every piece of written communications. You may have a blog that needs regular updating and social media channels that require content. To use these channels effectively, they need to be authentic. Which often means doing it in-house.

Then there are reports and presentations used in meetings. These could be much improved through basic training in effective communication.

For some organisations, large numbers of staff may need to communicate regularly with the written word. They need to do so clearly and concisely, yet deliver compelling content.

Expert training from an experienced copywriter and journalist

You may not be ready to let them loose on your annual report to shareholders, but with a little training, they can help you create cost-effective and highly relevant written communications.

I’m available to provide expertise, assistance and insight.  To find out more about my staff training programmes, please get in touch.