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Copywriting for business-to-business and consumer communications

Tired of marketing gobbledegook?

Talk to the writer who speaks your language

The story  you tell about  your products and services and how they add real value  has to be convincing and compelling. It should appeal to the emotions, to reason and to common sense. It should be memorable and fascinating but above all it must emphasise the one thing that matters most to your audience: what’s in it for them?

My role is to help you get that message across. I can do this because:

  • I’ve been doing this for more than two decades – and I’ve worked for some of the biggest and / or best companies in the world.
  • I write clear English
  • I bring the core skills of the copywriter – understanding what the audience wants to hear.

You benefit from a cost-effective copywriting service (thanks to low overheads and modern ways of working), as well as a highly professional approach to getting things done and meeting deadlines. The service is also informal, friendly, flexible and versatile.

Business-to-business copywriter

Over the past ten years of professional freelance copywriting, I have written a huge amount of business-to-business marketing literature across a wide range of sectors, including IT, telecoms and professional services.

I write regularly for lawyers, chief execs, IT managers, small business owners and more. Often it’s not the tone of voice or writing style that needs to change (they all appreciate clarity). More important is an understanding of what information they need.

An IT manager obviously requires more technical information than the chief executive. Often, of course, you are writing for both of these people at the same time and you need to steer them towards the relevant information, or give snippets in headlines and pull-out copy.

Sometimes just getting the basics right can be all that is needed – like putting the most important benefits up-front right at the start.

Consumer copywriter

My clear and approachable style is also ideal for communicating directly with consumers – or, in the case of the public sector, with citizens. They are the same people of course, but a different tone of voice is needed depending on whether you are trying to communicate or to sell.

Branding copywriter

Sometimes it’s a single word or sentence that’s needed. Maybe you just need a headline for an advert, or one line of copy that makes your concept zing.

If you’re looking for an all-rounder who can tackle just about any subject or sector, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Some things that I don’t do

I have little to no experience of television and radio advertising. I don’t specialise in press advertising, and don’t get involved with direct sales letters promoting snake oil and get-rich-quick-schemes.

I’m also not a technical writer. I can write about all kinds of technology – especially if it’s for a business or consumer audience. But if you need someone to write the engineer’s installation manual for an IP-PBX, then I’d be out of my depth.