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Compelling written content for all media

The words you use in your written communications speak volumes about your business – your values, your commitment, your services, and how you treat your customers. If you get it wrong, people notice. Often sub-consciously – but they notice.

Getting your tone of voice and messaging right is a vital part of your marketing mix. I can help, because:

  • I’ve crafted marketing, sales and branding content for thousands of clients over the past 25 years – from multi-nationals and major government departments to one-man consultancies, family firms and start-ups. (My client list reads like an A-Z of international business).
  • As a journalist, editor, author and battle-hardened copywriter I know how to tell compelling stories that people remember, that help build brands and clinch sales.
  • Instead of dealing with an agency, account managers and other wonks, you talk directly to me – the senior copywriter, the one doing the work. No middle-men, no sub-contracting to juniors. Quality, commitment and focus every time.

UK copywriter, journalist and editor

I’m committed to delivering value and helping you achieve your goals – but I do the work without fuss, stress or quibbles.

I take a professional but friendly and informal approach and can even provide service with a smile {though I may charge extra 🙂 }

While you’re here, please take the time to find out more about me, my services and my experience. Or better still, get in touch.

If you need support with any form of written communications – from websites and sales letters to articles, white papers, advertising or case studies, I can help. Contact me today and we can get started.