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How to convince a sceptical prospect 

Some products and services, don’t have much to offer. The marketing efforts rely on salesmanship and showmanship to grab attention and persuade people to buy. 

But what if your clients and customers are not so easily fooled? What if they make careful buying decisions? The showmanship may make them wary. The salesmanship will turn them off entirely and you’ll lose their trust. 

So what is a smart marketer to do? 

If your product or service has genuine merit, delivers value and helps people then the trick is to show them that, in ways that convince them. Provide enough information for them to make a buying decision, along with assurances that they are not taking a wild risk with their money, and ideally ‘social proof’ from other other satisfied customers. 

The marketing messages need to be clear and concise, friendly, intelligent, entertaining where appropriate and not intrusive. Certainly not slimy. 

Tell them what they need to know – and sound (and be) honest while doing it.