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Editing a business magazine for collection of law firms

For eight years I acted as editor of a business magazine, published up to four times a year. It was distributed to around 25,000 business clients of a nationwide collection of law firms.

Each of the firms would send out the magazines to its business clients as a way of keeping them informed, demonstrating their own expertise and marketing their services.

The articles and features were designed to be of practical use to busy business people. They contained sound advice, useful facts and information on recent developments in the business world.

The contributors themselves were professional business people and academics who were acknowledged experts in their field. Every article was designed to help the reader to take a specific action to improve the smooth running and profitability of their business.

This meant that while the contributors were specialists in their field – be it employment law or franchising – they were not professional writers. The articles usually needed considerable editing, while some need complete rewrites.

I planned each edition, generated and handled article submissions and edited the articles. I was in charge of just about every stage of the editorial process – from planning each edition to reading and assessing submissions, editing and rewrites.

For the same organisation I also wrote newsletters containing updates on the law, produced email news updates and created marketing collateral, including websites and a brochure.