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Branding Bezier

Some years ago – when print still ruled the roost and the web was in its infancy – I created a name for a large printing company that in one stroke delivered the basis of an entire brand.

I was one of many copywriters asked to come up with a name for a major new print firm, formed from an amalgamation of five companies. Knowing that one of the main audiences was graphic designers, I put forward the name Bezier.

It’s distinctive, but it’s also more than just a name. A Bezier curve (as used by designers in applications such as Adobe Illustrator) is “the smoothest line between a series of points.” It was ideal for a company which wanted to emphasise the quality of its service, not just its printing.

From one word an identity was created that perfectly expressed the company’s philosophy and  ethos.

Which shows it’s sometimes worth making the effort to come up with precisely the right word.