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Website copywriting for satellite communications firm Paradigm

I was asked to write a website for Paradigm, a company that provides military grade satellite communications, primarily to the UK armed forces.

Paradigm is the prime contractor for the Skynet 5 contract with the UK Ministry of Defence, valued at £3.6bn. The programme provides mobile voice, video, internet and broadcast communications for the UK armed forces, as well as a range of other Government departments and agencies.

The website has a wide range of audiences, all of which needed to be taken into account. These included the UK Ministry of Defence; potential overseas clients (such as the armed forces of other NATO members); potential UK clients (such as the police and similar agencies); as well as individual members of the armed forces and their relatives.

This last group was especially important, as Paradigm provides a range of services which are vital to service personnel who are posted overseas – including access to email and the internet.

The website copy needed to clear and succinct, but factually accurate at all times, as well as informative and compelling. It also needed to clearly explain technologies and funding arrangements that are, at times, highly complex and sophisticated.

You can see the results here.