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2006 called – it wants its keywords back Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a hugely complex topic, and one that is subject to constant change. That is because Google is in a constant battle with ‘spammers’, who want their websites to rank highly, while Google wants to return the most relevant results for users. (There [...]

Name one of the three musketeers. I bet you said d’Artagnan. Bear with me on this one…. He’s not one of the three – they are Athos, Porthos and Aramis. D’Artagnan is the fourth member who joins them, the one people remember most, the hero of the story. But hold that thought for a moment, while we back [...]

There are many ways to approach the writing of blog posts and this is only one of them. But if you always cover off these 12 essential steps, you should reach blogging heaven in short order. 1. Have an idea This is the tricky part, I admit. What you really need is a clear and focused [...]

It has been well documented that people tend to scan text on the internet rather than reading it. Research and statistics back this up, and most of us know it to be true from our own experience. The question is: how do you write scannable web copy? 1. Write powerful headlines Make sure your headlines are: Short Informative – give a summary [...]

Website text for Eliot Partnership The Eliot Partnership is the global insurance industry’s leading executive search firm. The London-based firm provides a full range of recruitment services for the insurance sector – helping its clients find, attract, reward and retain the most talented individuals in the industry. When it came time to launch a new [...]

Brochure and website for private healthcare firm

Copywriting of brochure and website for private healthcare specialists

Copywriting of brochure and website for private healthcare specialists

Helping patients make the right choices Audiology specialists Pindrop Hearing wanted to communicate the benefits of good hearing and the options available to clients who are suffering from hearing loss. The Harley Street specialists wanted to position themselves as a leading specialist hearing aid consultant, showing that they understood the issues and could provide independent, [...]

Website copy for hard commodities trading company Autilla

Website text for commodities trading company Autilla

Website text for commodities trading company Autilla

Creating a consistent tone while explaining complex concepts Autilla is a relatively new company formed by a small team of broking experts, all them with extensive experience in the sphere of hard commodities trading. For those not familiar with the field, this essentially means gold, silver, platinum metals, similar precious metals and iron ore. The [...]

Axis Group website

Axis Group website thumbnail

Website copy for the Axis Group

Targeting the text at different audiences The Axis Group specialises in maintaining and improving housing, retail and commercial properties. The Group has turnover in excess of £75 million and employs more than 500 people working out of six offices across England. The group needed a website that would demonstrate the range of its expertise, its [...]

vBulletin is the world’s leading internet forum software package. If you’ve ever used forum sites on the web, then you’ve probably enjoyed the ease of use and functionality of their software. When they were revamping their own website, they asked me to take a look at the copy. I edited their text where necessary, created [...]

I was asked to write a website for Paradigm, a company that provides military grade satellite communications, primarily to the UK armed forces. Paradigm is the prime contractor for the Skynet 5 contract with the UK Ministry of Defence, valued at £3.6bn. The programme provides mobile voice, video, internet and broadcast communications for the UK [...]