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Website copy for hard commodities trading company Autilla

Creating a consistent tone while explaining complex concepts

Website text for commodities trading company Autilla

Website text for commodities trading company Autilla

Autilla is a relatively new company formed by a small team of broking experts, all them with extensive experience in the sphere of hard commodities trading. For those not familiar with the field, this essentially means gold, silver, platinum metals, similar precious metals and iron ore.

The company was set up to take advantage of this expertise and the enviable array of contacts the team possesses across the field of hard commodities trading worldwide. Autilla provides a range of consulting services, bringing together the components and partners needed to deliver projects and enhance trading performance.

As a new organisation, Autilla needed a website that would explain who they are, what they do, and how they can help their clients.

[blockquote-right]”Well within time and budget.”

Mike Greenacre, CEO[/blockquote-right]

I was asked to help create the text for the site. Much of this was fresh copy, generated by interviewing the people involved in Autilla and using written briefing materials. In places I simply edited sections of text written internally, to improve legibility and flow and ensure a consistent tone of voice.

I created snippets of text for the front end of the site designed to give an immediate overview of the company’s capabilities and expertise. This is supported by more extensive text deeper into the site, dealing with the complexities and requirements of hard commodities trading. Each of the individual services was clearly explained, and the capabilities across different hard commodities described. I also edited profiles and CVs for the main team members and generally tidied up and improved a lengthy, but essential, ‘code of conduct’ document.

[blockquote-right]”Simon …took several disparate sets of copy and gave them a consistent focus, feel and presence.”[/blockquote-right]

The result was a website that reflects the company’s brand and ethos, clarifies who they are and what they do, and serves to establish the organisation’s presence for both existing and potential clients.

Mike Greenacre, CEO of Autilla, says: “Simon grasped what we were looking for and the feeling we wanted to promote. He took several disparate sets of copy and gave them a consistent focus, feel and presence that we were looking for – well within time and budget.”