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Seiko kinetic watches – a sales spiel so good I even bought one myself

Writing marketing copy can be dangerous for your finances: it brings you into contact with products and services that sometimes are just impossible to resist.

For Seiko, I was asked to write a marketing pitch for their new range of auto-relay kinetic watches – watches that need no battery and which draw their power from the wearer’s own movement:


Seiko Kinetic watches are powered by the motion of the wearer’s arm, with no need to change a battery. Kinetic watch technology was an inspired breakthrough by Seiko. We created a watch that lives…. that takes its power from your power… its movement from your movement…and adds its style to yours.

This watch knows when it’s not needed – and can put itself to sleep. Give it a shake and it wakes up again – and sets itself to the right time, precisely.

After three days of inactivity, the Seiko Kinetic Auto Relay goes into suspended animation. The heart of the watch is still beating, and the brain is keeping time. It can sleep like this for up to four years. Only the hands are resting – and they quickly adjust to the right time as soon as the watch is woken up.

Seiko has made the breakthrough – yet again.

The result – Seiko developed their marketing campaign, and clinched at least one extra sale. I bought one of the kinetic watches myself, and still wear it to this day.