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Does what it says in the headline

Press advert for data centre 2bm

Press advert for data centre

Press advert for data centre

The essential thing with advertising is not to get too clever. Or obscure. Sometimes the best approach is to simply get the core benefits into the headline, then repeat them with some elaboration in the first sentence. Then build on that, focusing all the time on what’s in it for the reader. Because the moment they lose sight of how they benefit, they’ll stop reading and move on.

This is the approach I took when creating a press advert for 2bm. The company was planning to be at a major exhibition where it knew there would be many important business clients and prospects. The event was a chance to get to meet these customers in person. The aim of the advert was to position the company’s name and offering in the minds of prospects by convincing them of those core benefits. There was no room in the ad for getting clever or beating around the bush. But that didn’t matter – because stating the benefits clearly is really all an advert ever needs to do.

It’s not necessarily easy to achieve. But it’s nearly always the right approach.