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Marketing brochures for Vodafone

Helping telecoms company connect with business clients

Business -to-business copywriter for major telecoms company

Business -to-business copywriting for major telecoms company

I’ve worked on many projects over the years for telecoms clients, many of them mobile phone operators who want to improve communications with customers. For Vodafone, for example, I’ve written marketing materials aimed at both consumers and business clients.

One example was a brochure designed to win new business customers for Vodafone by helping position the company as a mobile operator that truly understands the needs of professional users.

The text needed to use the right language to communicate with this audience, and emphasise the proven benefits Vodafone could deliver.

Vodafone had created a range of products and services designed to make life easier for small to medium-sized businesses.

Marketing materials for telecoms company

Marketing materials for telecoms company

The company also had a range of plans available which could deliver significant savings for businesses that depend on their mobile communications to stay in touch with clients and colleagues and run their core operations.

The booklet was designed to act as a guide to understanding and using these services, to both persuade new clients to join the company but also to inform existing customers and  help ensure they could get the most from their phones.

The marketing materials were also geared at promoting the investments Vodafone was making in its network to improve connectivity and call quality.

Copywriting for brochure aimed at Vodafone's business customers

Copywriting for brochure aimed at Vodafone’s business customers