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Some products and services, don’t have much to offer. The marketing efforts rely on salesmanship and showmanship to grab attention and persuade people to buy.  But what if your clients and customers are not so easily fooled? What if they make careful buying decisions? The showmanship may make them wary. The salesmanship will turn them [...]

2006 called – it wants its keywords back Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a hugely complex topic, and one that is subject to constant change. That is because Google is in a constant battle with ‘spammers’, who want their websites to rank highly, while Google wants to return the most relevant results for users. (There [...]

The secret to writing a great press release is simple: don’t. Don’t set out to write a press release. Instead, create an article – one that will grab the attention of the readership you’re targeting. If a journalist or editor picks up your press release, and immediately sees something which he knows will interest his [...]

On today’s internet, hype breeds faster than rabbits on Viagra. It’s tempting to join in the clamour – shout your claims from the rooftops in a desperate attempt to be heard. There’s just one problem: only fools buy from a huckster. If you’re selling snake oil or get-rich-quick scams, you’ll likely find there are enough [...]

A positioning statement defines how you wish to be perceived. Once you get it right, it gives you the basis for communicating who you are and what you do. You can create one yourself by answering the following seven questions: Who are you? What business are you in? Who do you serve? What are the [...]